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SUBMIT MUSIC.. via DripFeed

By Published December 17, 2013

In the past bands sent music to radio station via vinyl LP, cassette, CD and emailed MP3s.  

In 2021 DripFeed.net changed all that for the better by establishing one centralised interface to deliver music to all good surf music stations.  This allows us to get your music in rotation faster than ever before by eliminating human involvement and leveraging computers to do all the monotonous work.

Can I still send my music by email?

Yes, but bear in mind that it will interrupt our DJs from doing their jobs, while they have to read an email, and then manually download and then upload a file to the server.  Receiving music via DripFeed is strongly preferred.

My music doesn't have metadata. Can I still send it?

No, it will be deleted.  You must encode metadata before you send it. You don't really want us to tweet #nowPlaying unknown - unknown.mp3 do you?

How do I use DripFeed?

DripFeed is the network for surf music.  You can register an account using Facebook, twitter, vk or google then you can either

  1. Send us bandcamp codes using the form provided (bandcamp files have embedded metadata)
  2. Drag and drop files in DripBox (remember to encode metadata)

Once you have an account and have submitted music, try building a band page, or group on DripFeed.  It's much like Facebook but has a clean interface devoid of clutter.  You can also use DripFeed to autopost to other social networks.

Ok, you are right! DripFeed solves so many problems in the world.  Where do I sign up?


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    The station is wholly owned by Sharawaji Ltd, a UK based independent record label focused on surf, instro and reverberated guitar music.

    For bands looking for airplay submit your music via DripFeed.net
    For DJs and shows looking to be part of our team email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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