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We are pleased to announce that Vincent Price is joining the MONSTROMENTAL team.  Vincent is a distinguished actor and broadcaster and will be presenting his series The Price of Fear at 10pm GMT on Sunday evening.


MONSTROMENTAL is pleased to announce that after years of work, we are officially joining the DripFeed network.  DripFeed is THE network for surf music, and allows broadcasters to access not only a massive database of surf music, but also be part of the Official Surf Charts which are syndicated across all stations in the network.


MONSTROMENTAL is pleased to announce that we will be broadcasting Tales From The Crypt - The Radio Series.  

Tales from the Crypt is an American radio series spun off from the HBO series of the same name based on the 1950s EC Comics.

MONSTROMENTAL is now requesting exclusive horror surf tracks for a donation CD, with the objective of raising funds to offset some of our operating costs.

These are the requirements:

  1. Tracks must be EXCLUSIVE to the CD and not available elsewhere.
  2. Tracks must be UNRELEASED and unplayed on radio
  3. Tracks must be mixed, mastered and sent in wav or AIFF format.
  4. Bands must understand that the CD is exclusive to donors and will NEVER be played on radio or streaming services.

Bands who donate a track will receive 10 x promotional copies of the CD, and have the option to purchase additional copies at COST price plus shipping.



  • MONSTROMENTAL is an internet radio station dedicated to pulp horror and instro surf.  

    The station is wholly owned by Sharawaji Ltd, a UK based independent record label focused on surf, instro and reverberated guitar music.

    For bands looking for airplay submit your music via DripFeed.net
    For DJs and shows looking to be part of our team email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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Sharawaji Ltd Our company address is hidden to avoid bands sending us physical material. We can't receive packages at our company address.
Coventry, England 666
United Kingdom

Horror movie quote

  • “Wouldn’t it be dramatic, supposing the people inside were dead, all stretched out with the lights quietly burning about them?”